GPS trackers provide increased security, improved efficiency, cost savings, and accessibility, making them an ideal solution for businesses and individuals.

Grow Your Business Using Commercial GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a technology that allows businesses to track the location of their vehicles, assets, and personnel in real-time. By leveraging this technology, businesses can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer service. Here are some ways that businesses can use commercial GPS tracking to grow their business

Fleet Management Tracking

Fleet Tracking

Fleet management companies are using GPS tracking to track and monitor vehicles in real time reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency.

GPS Tracker

Vehicle Tracking

With GPSNavis GPS tracking, monitor the driver's driving habits, see if the vehicle has an alert for unsafe driving behavior, and better understand the status of any driver.

boat tracking

Boat Tracking

No matter what type of boat you own, GPSNavis's simple GPS solution - Marine GPS Tracker - will monitor it for your peace of mind.

GPS Asset Equipment Trackers

GPS Asset & Equipment Trackers

GPSNavis can help you track valuable assets and equipment and monitor their usage in the field. Track any asset including: containers, rental equipment, forklifts, and more


Excellent fleet management & asset management operation platform

Your trailers, containers, and fixed and mobile assets are valuable. GPSNavis has perfected asset tracking with a broad range of options to fit both powered and non-powered assets. View and record movement, status, engine hours, battery condition, and more. Recover lost or stolen assets quickly and deploy efficiently.

asset utilization desktop

Digitize Your Fleet Operations

GPS trackers can help digitize fleet operations by providing real-time data on vehicle location, speed, and other metrics. This data can be used to optimize routes, monitor driver performance, and improve overall fleet efficiency. GPS trackers can also be used to monitor vehicle maintenance, detect unauthorized use, and provide security for drivers and cargo.

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