GF20 magnetic Mini assets GPS Tracker


◇ Finger Size: 50mm*27mm*25 mm

◇ Real GPS+LBS+AGPS Tracking

◇ Accurate tracking via SMS/Platform/APP

◇ Geo-fence/Low battery alarm

◇ Vibration alarm

◇ Voice listen/Voice recording

◇ Power saving mode mode

◇ Activate GPS on for Fix time

◇ Support memory storage when GSM lost

◇ Standby time 5~8days

Working Frequency850/900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
GPS chip setMTK high sensitivity chip
Tracking sensitivity– 165dBm
Location accuracy< 10 meters CEP
Time To First Fix(open sky)Cold status <35s        Hot status    < 1s
Working voltage5VDC
Operating temp.-20°C to +65°C
Standby & Working consumptionBattery 800mAh, 5mA~50mA


Device light description

LightSignalWorking statusNot Working status
GreenGSMConstant on:read SIM


Flashing:Searching GSM signal
BlueGPSConstant on:GPS signal OKFlashing:Searching GPS signal
RedChargingConstant on:Charging fullFlashing:Charging


Power ON/OFF

Insert 2G GSM SIM Card (Nano size) with GPRS data service activated.

When insert SIM card device will power on automatically, take out SIM card then device will power off.

Power  saving  working  mode:  Moving  status:  update new  location  at  every  1 minute; No movement: stop updating location, show last position place.

Voice Recording (support APP only)

Check from APP command click “voice recording” function, need wait 1~3minutes finish loading to APP and then hear the voice replay.

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