Fleet Management & GPS Tracking Solutions By Industry
Whatever your industry, we can meet your needs. If you manage a fleet, we can customize an effective fleet management solution that puts you in control of your fleet operations, increases profitability and maximizes efficiency.

Fleet Management Software

Get Total Control Over Your Fleet

Our state-of-the-art fleet management system collects and analyzes data from your vehicles, assets, and operations and turns it into actionable insights. So, you can run your fleet with greater efficiency and safety while ensuring compliance.

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By helping you understand driver behavior in the field, commercial vehicle GPS tracking can:

  • Monitor Vehicle Performance: GPS tracking helps businesses monitor vehicle performance and identify potential maintenance issues before they become a problem. This can help reduce operating costs and improve efficiency by reducing the amount of time vehicles spend in the shop.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: By using GPS tracking, businesses can provide customers with more accurate delivery times and locations. This allows customers to better plan their day and reduces the number of delivery delays or missed appointments.
  • Improve Security: GPS tracking can help businesses protect their assets and personnel by monitoring their locations at all times. This can help prevent theft or other criminal activity.
  • Improve Employee Productivity: GPS tracking can help businesses track how their employees are using their time and make sure they are being productive. This can help businesses improve their efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • Increase Revenue: By using GPS tracking, businesses can identify the most efficient routes for their drivers
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Deep Insights to Support Decision Making

Easily manage your fleet by knowing where your vehicles are, where they’ve been, and every activity in between. Reduce fuel bills and emissions, reduce unnecessary and unauthorized travel, eliminate aggressive driving, and stop idling.


Excellent fleet management & asset management operation platform


GPS Fleet Tracking for Concrete Companies

If you manage a cement truck fleet we can customize a fleet management solution that caters to your specific needs, so you can stay on top of fleet operations, improve profitability, and maximize efficiency.

Public Works

GPS Fleet Tracking for Public Works

Implement enhanced GPS fleet tracking to monitor and manage your public works vehicle fleets.



Monitor Trucks and Trailers with Fleet Telematics

If you manage a trucking fleet, we can customize a fleet management solution that provides enterprise-grade commercial truck tracking, improves driver safety and integrates seamlessly with your current systems. Oversee fleet operations, improve profitability, and maximize efficiency with our user-friendly vehicle tracking system


Auto Glass Repair

GPS Fleet Tracking for Auto Glass Repair

If you manage an auto glass repair fleet we can customize a fleet management solution that works. So you can stay on top of fleet operations, improve profitability, and maximize efficiency.

fleet tracking for delivery vehicles


GPS Fleet Tracking For Delivery Vehicles

If you manage a fleet of delivery vehicles, we can customize a fleet management solution that provides an extensive view of your assets and employees so you can guarantee their safety and status. Never miss an ETA again by staying on top of fleet operations, profitability, and efficiency.


Waste Management

GPS Fleet Tracking for Garbage Trucks & Waste Management

If you oversee a waste management fleet, we can customize a software solution that fits the needs of you and your team. Implementing a diverse GPS system to locate and maintain can improve fleet operations, grow profitability, and increase efficiency.



GPS Fleet Tracking for Landscaping

If you manage a Landscaping fleet, our GPS tracking software offers an assortment of tools that simplify your digital inspections and asset monitoring. We provide a top-down view of your fleet operations from dispatch to delivery.

Pest Control

Fleet Tracking for Pest Control

If you manage a pest control fleet, we can customize a fleet management solution for tracking, communicating, and reporting on your team. Stay ahead of your competitors by streamlining operations, improving profitability, and maximizing efficiency.


GPS Fleet Tracking For Security Companies

If you manage a security fleet, we have customizable options for your new fleet management solution that are tailor-made for your company. Adopt real-time visibility for your units and dispatch your crew with greater efficiency than ever before
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Sales Vehicles

GPS Fleet Tracking for Sales Vehicle Fleets

If you manage a sales vehicle fleet, we can craft a custom fleet management solution that will streamline asset tracking, digitize paper reporting, and increase efficiency for your sales staff.



GPS Fleet Tracking for Painters

If you manage a fleet of vehicles for a painting business, we can customize a management system that simplifies your daily routines and stores important data all in one place. Spend more time focusing on the task at hand by streamlining your fleet operations with an integrated fleet tracking system.



GPS Fleet Tracking for Electricians

If you manage an electrician fleet, we can customize a fleet management solution that works for your service trucks, dispatch team, and electricians. Easily incorporate connected devices, like tablets and smart phones, so you can stay on top of fleet operations, maximize efficiency, and improve profitability.


GPS Fleet Tracking for Mobile Medical Services

If you manage a mobile medical services fleet, we can customize a digital fleet management solution that will keep your vehicles healthy, your drivers happy, and your operations flowing at maximum efficiency.

Municipal Governments

GPS Fleet Tracking for Municipal Governments

If you manage a municipal fleet, we can customize a management solution that caters specifically to your company’s needs. Modernize your tracking to stay on top of fleet operations, cut costs, and maximize efficiency.


Asset Management for Frequently-Used & Unattended Heavy Equipment

If you own or operate a construction fleet, our custom fleet management software provides visibility and promotes accountability for heavy equipment operations. Understand how often assets are being used, prevent theft/tampering, and tend to maintenance issues to avoid downtime.

Oil & Gas

GPS Fleet Tracking For Oil & Gas

If you manage an oil and gas fleet, we have a custom solution for maintaining and improving your visibility and reporting. Manage your operations, digitally log important data, and communicate with your drivers with a single software, all in one place.
GPS Fleet Tracking For Assets


GPS Fleet Tracking For Assets

If you manage a fleet of assets, we can customize effective fleet management solutions. So you can take control of your fleet operations, increase profitability and maximize efficiency.
GPS Fleet Tracking for Tire Shops

Tire Shops

GPS Fleet Tracking for Tire Shops

If you manage a tire shop fleet that uses a variety of vehicles for acquisition and delivery, we can help you develop a personalized fleet management solution that will give you an all-encompassing view of your teams.


Excellent fleet management & asset management operation platform

Your trailers, containers, and fixed and mobile assets are valuable. GPSNavis has perfected asset tracking with a broad range of options to fit both powered and non-powered assets. View and record movement, status, engine hours, battery condition, and more. Recover lost or stolen assets quickly and deploy efficiently.

asset utilization desktop

Digitize Your Fleet Operations

GPS trackers can help digitize fleet operations by providing real-time data on vehicle location, speed, and other metrics. This data can be used to optimize routes, monitor driver performance, and improve overall fleet efficiency. GPS trackers can also be used to monitor vehicle maintenance, detect unauthorized use, and provide security for drivers and cargo.

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