How to Remove a GPS Tracker for Car


GPS trackers are now considered reliable and effective. These trackers make it simpler to protect our possessions and loved ones, whether for corporate or personal purposes.

However, you’re reading this blog about getting a GPS tracker out of your car. Therefore, we can infer that your motives for doing so are good.

  • Your smart device needs updating or repairing.
  • You want to use the tracker on a different or new vehicle.
  • You don’t know how the tracker got into your car in the first place.
  • In the first two cases, you know the kind of tracker and its location. However, if you become the target of illegal stalking, you may need to walk through every crack.

If you still can’t find it, we recommend that you seek professional help.


What are the Different Types of GPS Trackers?

Here we’ll take a look at the many categories of GPS trackers and how to remove them from your car. The details are shown in the figure below.

Magnet Tracker

One of the best types of GPS trackers is the magnetic tracker, which is very simple to use. They either come with a separate magnetic housing or have built-in magnets. It is very easy to install.

It must be placed on a metal surface before use. Similar to installing them, removing them is just as easy. They must be removed from the surface.

The best place to place these trackers is inside the tire well or under the vehicle. To find a covert magnetic GPS tracker, be sure to check all metal surfaces of your car, both inside and out.


OBD Tracker

OBD trackers work using a tiny tracking device that fits straight into your car’s OBD II port, which is under the steering wheel.

Mechanics and service professionals also use this port to run diagnostic codes. Therefore, plug-in GPS tracking devices provide diagnostic information in addition to location tracking. Installing them is very simple.

Sometimes the OBD port is located where the driver places his leg under the vehicle’s dashboard.

Driving can become uncomfortable if the GPS tracker is plugged in very close to the pedals. Therefore, the OBD extension cable is easily accessible.

Using the same method, you can move GPS tracking to a safer location, such as your car’s dashboard. Once plugged in and turned on with the companion app, you can start tracking.

You must locate these GPS trackers and disconnect the device to remove them. Plug-and-play gadgets only work when the car is plugged in and stop when unplugged.

Deactivation is simple. In addition, these gadgets contain batteries and built-in antennas to continuously send messages. When disconnected, the owner is also notified.


Wired GPS Tracker

Wired GPS trackers are powered by an engine that, as the name suggests, is directly hooked into the system. These require expert assistance and are challenging to install and remove.

Therefore, it is challenging to interfere with or manipulate them. However, wired tracking devices are powered by batteries and antennas and may sound an alarm if tampering has occurred.

Plus, unlike plug-in systems, wired GPS trackers allow you to remotely stop your vehicle from firing if a security breach is detected.

Most people prefer wired GPS trackers over the alternatives for two key reasons:

  • They require no charging and are connected to the engine battery.
  • They are out of reach as they are safely hidden inside the car.

If you want to remove a hardwired GPS tracker from your car, it is best to seek help from a mechanic near you. They will make sure the smart device is properly removed and ready to be used again.

How can I remove the GPS tracker from my car?

A variety of GPS trackers and their installation and removal have been covered. Removing a plug-and-play or portable tracker is simple.
So let’s see how to remove hardwired GPS trackers without damaging the tracker or your car.


Find Tracker

Well, if you installed it, you already know where it is. However, if you suspect a violation, you must first locate the device in your car. Here are a few search methods:

Check for anything out of place by opening the bottom of the dash.

  • Look for any extra electrical tape or new wires.
  • Also, keep an eye out for cables that differ in thickness or color from existing cables.
  • Look for the cables that connect to the roof of the car.

Then you can observe a plastic component that has two wires connecting it to the ignition and is thick enough.

Now remove the electrical tape and zip ties, being careful not to damage the delicate wires. If you’re not careful, you could damage your car’s delicate wiring.


Find Components

There may be various wires. A GPS antenna may be on one of the cables. You can move the wires to the top of the car in the same way as to remove them.

The GSM antenna can be the antenna after the GPS antenna.

The red wire on the igniter is probably one of the wires so that the gadget continues to receive power and continues to charge the battery.

Wires may exist in the ground of the car.

There may also be two trunk wires going to the ignition.


Remove wires and devices

Immediately unplug the power cord from the car battery. These components are easily disassembled. Pull on the GPS antenna while releasing the antenna from the receiver. Return your car to its best condition.

After successfully removing the device from the car, you must reconnect all the ignition wires and put the parts back where they belonged. It will help if you reconnect all the cables.

When installing a GPS tracker device in your car, the cables can get damaged. If damaged, remove it and reattach it.

Now, trying to start your car is the only way to make sure you didn’t make a mistake. If it starts, you’ve done everything perfectly!


Enhance vehicle security with a portable GPS tracker.

GPS technology has proven its effectiveness in preventing the theft of your valuable car. Some cutting-edge monitoring systems, like the GPSnavis GPS Tracker, include several add-ons that help you drive safer, maintain your vehicle, use less fuel, and lower your insurance costs.

If you are still unsure, the GPSnavis Portable GPS Tracker can help you in the following ways:

Each of our products has a companion app that can be downloaded on any iOS or Android smartphone. For example, if your child’s car has our GPS tracker, you and your spouse can use their smartphones to check it.

The geofencing capabilities of our solutions allow you to build virtual boundaries around locations you determine are safe or dangerous.

You can create a security zone around each parking spot you use for your car to keep it safe. You’ll be notified whenever your car enters or leaves one of these safe zones.

Known for having the best safety features, our GPS tracker is one of the most popular car trackers in the world.

In the event of a theft or emergency, we also offer active tracking for faster recovery of your vehicle. As a result, your vehicle insurance company may lower your premiums.

Installing the GPSnavis Portable GPS Tracker is easy. The tracker comes with a magnetic case that you can use to attach it to metal surfaces.

If you need help removing it from your vehicle, please contact our customer service team.

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