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  • Save on Vehicle Insurance
  • Make Fewer Claims & Reduce Premiums by up to 30%
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Reduce your Insurance Premiums with GPSNavis GPS Tracking

  • Reduce Your Insurance Premiums with GPSNavis GPS Tracking
    Vehicle insurance has become a major source of expense in the fleet business. Fleet managers can reduce premiums by insuring vehicles under a single policy, and installing GPS tracking devices in fleet vehicles can help reduce vehicle insurance premiums even further.
  • When fleet managers can see in real time how their vehicles are being used in the field and work with drivers to improve their safety, they file fewer claims, which means lower insurance premiums.
  • GPSNavis’s GPS tracking devices can help many fleets reduce insurance premiums by as much as 30% by monitoring vehicle usage and driver behavior and improving fleet safety and efficiency.
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Save up to 30% on fleet insurance

GPS tracking can help lower your insurance premiums by:

  • Track vehicle mileage. The number of miles driven per month for each vehicle in the fleet can be accurately calculated.
  • Encourage and improve driver safety. Tools like risky behavior alerts and safety reports help fleet managers keep drivers safe while driving.
  • Monitor driver behavior. Visualize the daily route of every driver in the fleet and see when and where unsafe or wasteful behaviors such as speeding and idling occur to improve fleet efficiency.
  • Make your fleet vehicles safer. Reduce downtime and prevent costly emergency repairs or unexpected breakdowns by automating your vehicle maintenance.
  • Prevent vehicle theft. Locate and track vehicles in real-time in the event of a theft and receive instant alerts in case of unauthorized access.
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Negotiate premium discounts

Discussing premium discounts with your insurance agent is easy when you can prove that your fleet is driving safely.
When negotiating a discount, keep these tips in mind:
  • Have the vehicle mileage information ready. Most insurance providers are primarily concerned with the total mileage of your fleet. The GPS tracking device accurately calculates the mileage of each vehicle and the entire fleet, just export the relevant information on the page.
  • Explain your fleet’s commitment to safe driving. Tell us about the security training program you have in place and describe how your organization increases security awareness.
  • Highlight the unique features of GPSNavis’s GPS Tracking Device. In addition to tracking mileage, GPSNavis’s GPS tracking devices offer additional safety features such as safety reports and unsafe behavior alerts.
  • Give your agents access to your fleet tracking software so they can review your fleet’s behavior and vehicle usage first-hand. You can also set up alert summaries to be emailed to your agents daily.
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Ray, Safety Manager & Field Accountant

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