Increase Driver Safety

Reduce Risk and Liability for Your Business

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Safe Driving Makes Business Sense

Coaching your drivers into safer driving habits will not only reduce your risk as a business owner, but it will also save you money as well. GPSNavis’s real-time GPS tracking system gives you many tools to improve driver safety, including:

  • Real-time alerts or summary notifications for unsafe driving behavior.
  • Safety reports for individual drivers and entire fleets.
  • If there is a problem with the vehicle on the road, it can be located in real time.

Receive real-time alerts or summary notifications

When unsafe driving occurs, Zeesr provides you with real-time alert notifications via the mobile app or summary notifications via email or text, including:

  • oil level alarm
  • ACC on/off
  • Speeding
  • Brake suddenly
  • Disassembly alarm
  • Power off alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • GEO fence alarm
  • Fatigue driving
  • SOS alarm
  • Low temperature/high temperature alarm
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Customized alerts help curb idling behavior

The Idle Activity Report lets you review data on each vehicle such as:

  • Total idle time
  • Average idle duration
  • Total idle alerts when a vehicle or asset idles for an extended period of time
  • A ranking of your worst idle offenders
  • Set a custom threshold for idle time, and get notified every time that threshold is passed. By monitoring and reducing inefficient driving, you save time and money.
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Real-Time Visibility Your Business Deserves.

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“We’ve really just gained a ton of peace of mind, just knowing where the equipment is. Even if it doesn’t move –we know it’s there”

Ray, Safety Manager & Field Accountant

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